Guest Post- Tee..!!

( Tina Angelin is one of my very first blogger friends. Apart from admiring all her 'message-oriented' poems, I used to love all the praises she used to shower upon me. Then, like so many in my followers' list, she kind of quit blogging. But anyway, she's lent me a beautiful poem she'd written for my poor little starving blog. Thanks a ton Tee. :) And sorries to everyone, I haven't been able to visit any of your blogs. Give me one more week of time, I'll hope to find some breathing space. Thanks and have a super-duper Sunday to Sunday. ;) )


Is there anyone whose calling?
Are you looking out for me?
I chose to believe in miracles
And prayed that your heart be set free

We are all in this together
People far away too suffer
Don't be blinded by your own things
There are lots more to offer

Is the fear in your heart too heavy?
Are you lost for words?
Don't smile to hide your pain from me
Don't ever let it hurt

Stack it all away
Make sure you will stay
To cruise through this storm
Everything is going to be ok

We will go to places
Where the stars don't shine
Spread light among the broken hearted
Giving them new wings to fly

With Sparkle in her eyes
She wants you all to know
That the truth behind every person
Is highly signified


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