Spotting the Miskates... oops.. Mistakes..!!

Too many things cooking up in my mind nowadays, so no posts, sorry. But I don't want to see drought in my blog. By the way, I had been to Mysore yesterday to witness the Grand Dasara ( as we spell it here in South India) celebrations. So, I conveniently made it an excuse to update the blog.

Horses, a parade, a band, elephants in the backdrop of a Palace, wow! What is it but Grand?? Anyway, apart from it, I had a walk around the city, through exhibitions and other places. I had the camera with me and hence -

Time to select your 'Mummies' and 'Daddies' .. They are on sale..!! :P

Three Cheers to Tourism..!!

Cover your face. Sonia ji will slap you with the same hand.

Shaun Pollock would commit suicide if he'd see this.

The most "Evergreen" one of all. ;)

Edited - added later. A few pics of the Grand Mysore Palace. Couldn't manage to take good pics of the procession. :)

Until next time, yenjoyyy. :P


Saami... Murugan Saami..!!

(On one of those occasions when I give 'logic' and 'reasoning' a complete rest and let my mind free into a world of fun and silliness, such would be the outcome. Disclaimer- All the names and characters used here are only with intentions of evoking humor and nothing else.

So for now, just sit back and yenjoyyyyy. :P)

Murugan flipped aside his English-daily Newspaper and decided to take a nap under the Banyan tree. He shooed away the silly dog which was licking his shoulder and rested his head on the newspaper, his regular pillow, and stretched his legs. Just when he was about to shut his eyes, as though he’d spotted sunlight during mid-night, he jumped up and observed his assistant Kuppusaami accompanying a foreigner, a white attractive woman heading towards him. “I’m the only person to know English in Vellapatti” Murugan rejoiced. Kuppusaami indicated the need of an English-speaking person through his Gateway-Of-India (his broken teeth, I mean) and Murugan obliged.

“Hello Sir. I’m Alicia Morgan from the United Kingdom. I’m here on a survey, and the Indian culture has totally absorbed me.” The woman smiled and extended her hand for a hand-shake.

Murugan scratched his head and whispered to Kuppusaami- “Dai Kuppusaami, Murugan weds Morgan, yeppidi da irukku (how does it sound)?” Kuppusaami opened the gates of his Gateway-Of-India all over again.
Murugan came back to his senses, wiped and extended his hand after checking if anyone was around and they shook hands.

“I’m Murugan. Murugan Saami (Saw-me).”

“Good. Where did he see you?”

“Ayyo no. I said, my name is Murugan Saami.” he blushed like a girl. Alicia Murugan Saami …...

“Oh! Glad to meet you Mr. Murugan.” She clicked a picture of him and the dog.

“In Vellapatti, I am thalai (Head). I have nilam (land). I have nariya nariya (abundant) kaasu (money). All Vellapatti ponnus (girls) want to kalyanam (marry) me.”

“Sorry Mr. Murugan, but I don’t understand your language.”

“Ayyo, it’s vokay. No praablam. In Vellapatti, Subramani Saami married Mumtaz Begum. For them also language praablam. But happy family. 2 children also.”


“Why?” he gave it a thought and continued- “Your father is strict aa?”

Alicia turned around and walked away.

Edited- Will Be different episodes.. :)....


Mr. Myself..!!

Woahh, now I have something better to do on a lazy Sunday evening. Thanks to Inty Swetha aka Pranksygang of ‘Devil’s Workshop’. Still couldn’t figure out who’s the devil there… lol. Anyway, thanks Swetha for the tag. You made my evening, in the real sense :P Though I’m not that much into doing tags, not due to lack of narcissism, but for the fact that I’ve felt that maybe I’d bore people with my ‘Ramayanam’. If “You already do that” is ready on your lips- congrats ;).

Getting to the tag, I’m supposed to write 10 honest things about myself. Should be a cakewalk… Let’s see.

1) Contrary to how I project myself in my blog, I’m a far more serious kinda person. The no non-sense types. Most of the fun would be going through inside my head.

2) I don’t like people who only let out mouth sympathies and never stand up when needed. I’m glad I’m the opposite. I’ll be there when you need me, maybe not on your Birthday party. The downside though is, many people only USE me.

3) School life was the best for me. We had a psychotic class teacher in 10th, which made it that much more thrilling.

4) If there’s someone who knows me inside out, it’s my sister. I just give her a glance and she would know what I’m up to. Sometimes, that ain't good, I tell you.. ;).

5) In cinema theatres, I hate it when a few childish blokes keep giggling in between a serious scene. That ain’t cool at all. I get all itchy to give them a full quota of whacking and yelling at them to –“Grow up.”

6) Appreciation and gratitude are the two most important traits to have as a human being. I constantly remind myself of that and try to fall in line.

7) I somehow don’t like pets. I’m scared of dogs btw.. hehe :P

8) I get carried away, be it with anything in life. I easily fall into addiction. A big minus point in me. No, I don’t smoke or drink. I’m just too scared to start, for I may not withdraw.

9) I’m good at preparing Tea. Opens up a lot of business options for me - chai…chai..chai.. in the railway stations. ;)

10) And if you already dint know this, I get weird dreams. I would’ve either luckily survived a flight crash, or would have got kidnapped by an American president. :P

Dint turn out to be fun right? Blame the word ‘Honest’.. hehe… And one thing, a big thanks to all you guys who religiously read and leave a comment every single time.

Thanks to all you guys-
Thanks Sunil for always being there. How can I forget all that support you lent me during those ‘early days’. Thanks Amber- for like literally being here every single day. Thanks Richa, your comments never fail to make me smile. Priyanka, my fan ( :P), thank you for enlightening me on how-important-it-is-to-bunk-classes … hehe.. Thanks fan. Swetha Padakandla, thanks for choosing to read my blog against sleeping in office.. hehe.. just kidding. Dhanyavaadagalu ;). Priya Joyce- Your comments remind me that I’m out of my mind most of the times. Thank you. Tara- You’ve always been there. Thank you. Parul, I so adore you. Thanks for your immense patience and for your lovely words every single time. Really means so much.

Arun.. Your words of inspiration have always meant a lot.. Thank u so much brother ;).Harshita.. hehe.. your comments inspire my sense of insanity ;). The Kasabiangirl… . You inspire me n I inspire you ;). Thanks for everything. Bard, my new blogger-mate, thanks and wish to see you often . Inty Swetha, we share a lot of similarities. Come down for the ‘pinch’ challenge.. hehe.. Thanks ra. Misty Rhythm (Neha) – You’ve been coming since such a long time now. I appreciate every bit of your presence. Thank you ;). Thoorika- how can I forget you.. . Thanks da for leaving valid doubts in my comments page.. . The Rat- Thank you. Gr8 to see you here.

Stephen aka The Solitary Writer aka Stibu mama... Thanks for being my partner in crime, as you say ;). Lachu, the crazy girl … You’ll not get Roshan, don worry… Thank you. Saif bhaii… wats happening?? Thanks for all the support bro ;). Aanya.. Hieee… Thanks for liking all my crap. Nandini- my sister… :P Thanks chells. Rag, the review guy.. You are gr8 bro… And the appreciation u give me has most often humbled me. Thanks ;). Rohit, thanks bro… Hope to see you here. Saket- Thank You… Your honest comments have always been perceptive. Ria, thanks for coming by ;). Shimmer, be regular ya.. hehe. Thanks. Matangi, always great to see you here. Thanks. Prats, can I forget you.. Thank u so much.

Hope I dint miss any name here. If I did, I deserve a whack. Go on. ;)

A small memento for all you guys. Take Care.


Hometown Tales..!!

I have this habit of checking out the time whenever I start writing a post. Reason? Don’t ask. Most things I do will not have reasons. Ok, the point is, right now, as I start writing this, my watch shows, an Indian mathematician’s swear word- 4:20. Ok, now that this post has begun in such a terrible way, it can’t get worse. So don’t worry. ;)

It was 4 days ago, my right thigh itched and hence I dug my vibrating phone from my pant’s pocket. A message from Airtel said- ‘Welcome to Andhra Pradesh. We wish you a pleasant stay’. A pleasant stay was exactly what I was expecting as I was heading to my hometown (rather, my grand parents’ hometown). Airtel, though the message was heart-melting, I knew it actually conveyed something like- “ You will be charged for incoming calls now, you stupid.” Like an enlightened man, I made up my mind that I shouldn’t pick calls from unknown numbers. Three cheers to Mr. Co-Incidence, my phone started ringing flashing an unknown number. Since I am ‘ME’, I picked it- “Hello.”

“Hello Sir, Good Morning, I’m calling from Airtel.” A cute voice of an young girl from the other side said.

“Good Morning. Tell me.”

“Had your breakfast, Sir?”
I was about to ask her if she was single. I mean, man, How Caring!

“Nope. Tell me what.”

“Sir, you have an amazing offer to convert your sim to post-paid.”

“No. Thank You.” damn.. One call wasted.

We entered the small town, called ‘Madanapalle’ known as – ‘The Tomato Town’. A town where all the heroes would be walking right-royally in the centre of the road and when you ‘horn’, you’d be greeted with evil looks, as if their eyes had the capacity to launch fire balls. Anyway, we finally arrived at my relative’s place where we were welcomed warmly. I don’t know if I should actually use the expression- warm. Why would I prefer a warm welcome in such a warm place?

(Picture changed..... Over a suggestion by my dear friend, Sunil. :) )

After the 4 hour long journey, I had to make a trip to the white-house. If you are new to my blog, well, guess what is a ‘white-house’. They have this attached toilet in one of the rooms. I wonder if that is where the concept of Attached toilets originated. I mean, it is so small that, once you enter in, you would get attached. Anyway, after all the freshening-up, it was time for lunch. My plate arrived, and I could hardly see the metal below. It was that full.
“Aunty, I can’t eat this much, please take away some.”


“See my size already. Please.”


“I can’t eat this much.”



“Eat” damn… damn

After the Eating Dhamaka ended, by evening it was time to attend a marriage-reception. All my relatives were present. Everytime they’d see me, they would perform the ‘question-mark’ dance, as I call it. They would make a wavy movement of their head as if like drawing a question mark, which would mean- “ How are you and your family back home?” for which my reply would be an ‘S’ dance. First half of the ‘S’ would indicate- “Yeah, me and my family are doing good.” And the second half of the ‘S’ would enquire- “How are you and your family by the way?” Next, we would settle the matter with a mutual smile. The exercise continues throughout the evening though.

Oh sorry, I forgot to tell you about the most interesting part of the people there- GOSSIP. You go to A’s place. A says- “ C is such an idiot. How dare she did that to me?” and you would be like- “ Yeah. Right.”
Then you go to C’s place and C would be like- “ A is such a bitch. She’s shameless.” And you’ll be like – “Oh yeah. Exactly.”
6 months later, A and C would be the greatest of friends, and You’d have been named as B & would be the idiot for nosing in between A and C.

Anyway, I can go on and on writing this, but now I see this post has dragged a bit too long. So, I’ll continue maybe next time. Anyone willing to do a study on the above mentioned characteristics, you are welcome to my home-town. Pregnant ladies, please stay away. A combination of those ‘front-engine auto rickshaws’ and those ‘roads’ is the last thing I would want to see you in.

By the way, the next evening as we were leaving, I got another call, an unknown number again. I picked- “Hello.”

“Hello Sir, Good Evening, I’m calling from airtel.” The same cute voice I think.

“ Good Evening. Tell me.”

“How was your day, Sir?”

Ahaa…… Man, I’m single too. ;)


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