In the name of- Updating my Blog..!! - 2

1) English heroes fight to save the world; Indian heroes, to save the hero-in. On this note, let me tell you that I watched a Tamil movie called “Sura”. Here, the hero saves the hero-in some four times, then gets busy saving his locality and then he finally goes on to save the villain's wife *touch* *blow your nose* *wipe your tears*. I strongly suggest this movie if you have a constipation problem.

2) I’d been to Ooty recently along with my family. The driver was a nice guy. He began the journey on a wonderful note by saying- “I’ve driven 18 people to death till date.”

3) Apparently, my friend’s dog has a crush on Swami Nithyananda. I guess it’s the hair style.

4) Guys, I’ve joined twitter. I have 45 followers out of which 3 of them use twitter. You can follow me if you like my sense of tumour. Link.

5) I know a few girls. They are called the ‘awwwwwwww’ girls.
I say- “I missed you so much.” ----- “awwwwwwww…..”
“You have a sweet voice.” ------ “awwwwwwww…..”
“A dog bit my bum.” ---- “awwwwwwww…”

What is this, I say??

6) Do not teach small children silly things. They go do that at home and worse, they tell their parents who taught them such crap. I mean, all I taught was to sing Jack and Jill in a classical tone.

7) I think cows have a soft corner for me. They brush their tail onto my face whenever I walk past them. Or, am I missing something? Are they slapping me?

8) My day starts with an ayurvedic drink. It makes me feel I’m drinking liquefied cow dung.

9) Life’s boring without Rakhi Sawanth. Where is she? Hey Rakhi, I want to see you get angry ya, please.

10) Ok, on a serious note, if you’ve read this post successfully (without breaking any glassware around you), thank you so much. I don’t deserve it, so to say. I haven’t read a blog in like a month.

Thanks guys. Take care. Hw have you all been doing? Leave a note. And btw, I don’t charge for a facebook friend request. So, here’s the link anyway- Facebook. I shall come up with a fiction soon. Until then, see ya. :)


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