In the name of- Updating my Blog..!!

1) I’m not gonna eat ‘Smart Chips’, though it isn’t fried and in spite of Amir Khan endorsing it. Those chips are shaped like underwears.

2) Thanks to IPL, I’m a busy man. I’d be so glued to my television that if I was a married man, I wouldn’t have even noticed my wife leaving the house with her suitcases.

3) ‘Tear your shirt off and pull your hair off’ moments- You go to a restaurant to get your dinner packed. You place your order and wait endlessly doing non-sense with your cell phone. Fifteen minutes gone, you stand up and walk to the counter and ask- “Where’s my order?” Mr. Bean from the other side of the counter would give you a silly smile and say- “Just 5 mins, Sir.” Another 15 mins pass, and you transform into John Rambo and walk to the counter with anger dripping down your nose. Just when your throat readies itself to produce a thunder, tadaa, Mr. Bean hands you your food along with the bill. So, you shut your mouth and pat your pocket. “Damn! Forgot my wallet.” This episode is what I call- My Friday night.

4) I end up calling the Airtel Customer Care once in 2 weeks. I’m looking forward to make friends there. Ragini sounds cute. Kishore sounds like my father.

5) I want to be Rajnikanth in my next life.

6) Twice upon a time I wanted to be a cricketer. Then, once upon a time I wanted to be a cricketer. Now, I play cricket with my 4 year old niece.

7) I have the nose of a dog. I mean, I can smell that well. I can tell you what my neighbours had for breakfast today.

8) Just now, as I was thinking what point number 8 should be, my sister walks in. She shows me something and asks- “Howz this?” I say- “Nice Bangle.” She turns away hopelessly saying- “It’s an ear-ring.”

9) Back to cricket again (sorry for it though), I made it to the stadium for a couple of matches, screamed like crazy and ended up sounding like a crow on both the occasions.

10) Friendship after ‘love’ is crap.

11) I don’t mind a mosquito bite (unless of course I don’t fall and die at once of Malaria or something.) But the buzz it makes around my ear makes me want to murder those silly creatures.

12) I was thinking about my school days the other day. I remember, I had repeated an answer twice in the same paper, and when I got my answer script, it totaled to 102/100. My teacher scratched her head, and blindly gave me a 98.

13) How many celebrities have had a successful first marriage, uh? (Shut up, I’m not talking about that Tennis star who's famous for first round exits. Whats her name? Some Mirza right?)

14) I’m the worst singer ever. I recorded an emotional song the other day. During playback, I concluded, Cows sounded better.

15) I just checked the above 14 points, and wondered what a load of non-sense I am. Next time, I’ll try to show off my intellect. Don’t laugh.


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