Pune Diary..!!

Well, it has been almost four months since I shifted to Pune for my post grad. The minute I landed I had this weird feeling as though I had taken the wrong flight and landed in a wrong place. I felt like my last days were coming, I mean I thought I landed in an Arab country. The reason, let me tell you- Almost literally all the girls here tie up their faces with bed sheet sized shawls. I mean, what if I winked at a girl and she winks back and reveals that she’s got no nose? Man, in this city I feel like a blind man on a tour to Taj mahal. Anyway, I think I’m exaggerating too much.

My blog, poor thing, if it was my wife or something it would have poured kerosene on me and set me ablaze. Sorry. By the way, how you guys, those remaining one or two doing?? :)

This part of the country is so damn different from the south. These guys dance for everything. I mean everything. Well this reminds me that I’ve landed in Maharashtra. For one, I don’t know Marati. To top that, when I speak to them with my silly broken Hindi, you can imagine how pissing it can be. If you belong to the Thackrey family, make note, I should top the list- “To be kicked out.” But anyway, I’ve fallen in love with this city. I mean, what else to fall in love with? Girls? I’ll tell you when I get to see them. But seriously, love this city. It has the right mix. Not too crowded, no big traffic jams, no road rage; I’m coming from Bangalore by the way.

So yeah, after 3 months of life without a television, we finally bought one. Since then, CWG is the name spinning in my head all day. God, they found snakes there? I mean, what else if you name it CWG VILLAGE? I just hope things are completed on time; like I don’t want to see sign boards like “Take Diversion” while the athletes are running in the race.

And what’s this shit all about? I’ll just talk a line and chak comes the reply- Are you from Bangalore?? and I’ll be like- “Where the hell did you get that from?”
Anyway, I have loads to write about. But then, I get news nowadays that people whom I don’t want to read my blog are finding their way into here. So, until next time, take good care, see ya.

By the way, I ask these girls why they cover up their faces like lady terrorists; and they tell me- “Pollution.” Shit-o-shit. Crap-o-crap


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